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Most people believe that to have a “natural” childbirth at a birth center and NOT at a hospital is an unusual and unscientific way of having a baby. Here we will explore why this may be the best way to have a baby...

"It’s Primitive," she said… 

You can only know what you have been exposed to. “Natural Childbirth” may seem silly in this day and age. But the truth is man-kind has done little to improve the experience since the great migration to hospital birth in the early 1900s.

This article explains the increase in Obscene Increase In Maternal Mortality Rates In The United States. This was posted by Healthimpactnews.com



Here’s the title:  OBSCENE Increase in Maternal Mortality Rates in the United States…       

The definition for obscene is, "offensive or disgusting by accepted standards of morality and decency.  That is pretty strong language… but after reading the statistics I had to agree.

As you may already know, United States, of all other industrialized countries spends the most money on health care... so how can this situation be happening?

According to the latest figures from the World Health Organization, the  United States maternal death rate has doubled, going from 12 maternal deaths per 100,000 per year to a 28 maternal deaths per 100,000 per year... This statistic does not touch on the morbidity rate either. Morbidity relates to the diseases caused by the way you are treated during your birth, such as pelvic floor damage from forced pushing too early or episiotomy; or lifelong implications from cesarean section. 

Out of hospital birth allows you to avoid unnecessary interventions which themselves can cause complications and lead to more interventions. Beginning with a midwife in the out of hospital setting reduces morbidity.