What is a Midwife?

A midwife takes care of normal healthy women and normal healthy pregnant women.  She does annual well woman exams (pap smears), std (sexually transmitted diseases) checks, birth control and all women's healthcare. Kathy is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).

What is the difference between a CNM and a doctor?

She does prenatal care, delivery, and all labs and ultrasound as a doctor would do but with extra special care.  She gives you the attention you need at this special time.  She does not do surgery.  She keeps normal healthy pregnant women normal and healthy. 

The midwife will take care of you during your pregnancy and deliver your baby here at the Birth Center not in a hospital.  If you develop a problem she has a Doctor that she can refer you to and consult with. 

If you become sick, (diabetes out of control or very high blood pressure) if you have had a previous c-section you will not deliver here.  If you are a normal healthy pregnant woman we expect a normal healthy delivery and a normal healthy baby. 

She does have pain medicine if you want that can help you relax and you will be able to use the Jacuzzi tub to progress labor and help with your contractions.   You can deliver your baby in the water too.  You will have a Doula for physical and emotional support.

The rooms are like a bedroom where you can feel safe, secure, and calm and that will help you be confident in your labor and deliver quickly.  The Doula also will help you with different positions during your labor to relieve pain and discomfort and make labor move along.

The midwife does not use IVs routinely, only if you need antibiotics and even if you need antibiotics you are still able to move freely as you wish.  You will not be stuck in bed, she will listen to your baby where ever you are so you can continue to do your work freely.


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